ABM Connect Executive Seri: Influencers Surge, Mainstream and Online Media Strong, Consumers Prioritize Environment and ESG in 2024

Mainstream media, which continue to exist to this day, have weathered numerous challenges and emerged as resilient and robust. Meanwhile, more and more online publishers have entered the media industry and many of them have become established and widely known. 

Seri Sirinopwongsagon , Executive Director - ABM Connect

And from now on, the number of both mainstream and online publishers is expected to continue growing, but perhaps not by a significant margin,

One of the noteworthy trend in 2024 is the power of influencers as influencer marketing’s effectiveness and capability to reach consumers are becoming more and more powerful amid the changes in media consumption behaviors.

The surge of popular influencers, with their large following or dedicated communities have seen their community evolve into a "Fandom".

This has propelled Fandom Marketing into the forefront of preferred strategies for marketing campaigns. This approach excels in creating viral content and building a driving force of consumers who have strong power and are loyal to their favorite influencer.

When looking specifically at the social media category, TikTok remains the popular platform because consumers still prefer watching short-form videos.

In addition, TikTok has launched its own e-commerce platform by integrating features to sell products. Nevertheless, when using TikTok to publish content, target groups and objectives of marketing campaigns need to be taken into account.

Seri Sirinopwongsagon said AI and other technologies are inevitable and we can expect to see more AI applications in 2024 — whether for creating content or images, especially images or graphics for clients with limited budgets, or for enhancing production.