We are a leading media intelligence organization and news agency in Thailand

offering social listening & media monitoring tools to help you monitor news across various types of media outlets, including social, digital and traditional media. You’ll never miss news or conversations relevant to your business, your competitors, your industry and your products.

Our Story

We are a leading media intelligence company and news agency in Thailand, offering 360-degree media monitoring solutions across the spectrum of social, online and traditional media from thousands of sources, both domestic and international. PR and marketing are comprehensively achieved with our press release distribution service that delivers to both local and global media outlets around the world. We are also a news agency, reporting in real-time relevant stories on the stock market, finance, the economy, investments and world news that helps steer major decisions in business and investments.
For more than 20 years, InfoQuest has been working alongside the major players in Thailand’s media industry. And we became part of the Dataxet group in 2021.

Group of Companies

We are part of the Dataxet group, the fastest growing media intelligence group in Asia

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