TikTok Influencer Kanjarat "Kai" Believes Live Commerce Here to Stay, but Presentation Must Have Entertainment Value

Live commerce is here to stay since it is a quick, clear and easy-to-access presentation format. Nevertheless, its presentation must incorporate elements of entertainment, and the most important thing is to offer value for the client.

"Kai" Kanjarat Sakdikornthanasiri - Influencer / "V-clean" Brand Owner

Kai started as an influencer and grew popular by releasing content on TikTok, but that does not exclude her interest in other platforms. She believes that entrepreneurs must put themselves where their consumers are. As a result, businesses, both large and small, gravitate toward the media channels that their consumers use.

Kai's trick to developing amazing content entails taking into account consumer behaviors and eliminating their pain points. Bringing enjoyment and convenience to their everyday lives can offer a meaningful solution.

“Authenticity” stands as another vital strategy in content creation because consumers nowadays are able to identify whether or not an influencer’s content is a sponsored product review. For influencers, embracing utmost authenticity instills trust in consumers and media users.

“Being yourself” helps retain one’s community and fan base. “Just be yourself. No one completely likes us, and no one wholly hates us,” Kai said.

Fortunately for me, my real-world self is the same as the one on social media platforms. This is my genuine existence.