Thairath CMO Prodpran highlights the importance of authentic identity:

Thairath Online, TV and newspaper editorial teams unite for bold 2024 initiative

The COVID outbreak gave rise to the emergence of several content creators and prompted influencers, including some actors, to start producing content, which has proven to be immensely popular. The competition among mass media, emerging content creators and influencers will make 2024 a really challenging year.

Prodpran Muensuksaeng - Thairath CMO

Thairath is mass media and Thairath Online is really mass. Content caters to everyone from the mass to niche groups. We adapt by using different sub-brands to target different niche groups. In order to cater to consumers and achieve our business goals at the same time, we cannot afford to be completely mass.

Media companies today need to have a clear positioning in order to survive in the current economic situation.

We have social-media teams that monitor and produce content for a specific platform. These platforms need to be monitored around the clock. In 2022, viral videos of cute cats and dogs, strange animals and CCTV footage were popular on Facebook, but in 2023, they became less popular and were replaced by political and social news because of the general election and the government formation in Thailand.

The content must change in line with what people are interested in. If we keep focusing on viral videos, we will not be able to compete with others.

While Instagram rebounds, TikTok reigns supreme in growth and engagement, making it Thairath’s prime platform for audience awareness and community building.

Content creation strategy for 2024: The strength of Thairath lies in strong brand positioning and editorial teams that oversee newspaper, online, social media and TV content.

The key challenge for Thairath in 2024 involves its effort to proceed as Thairath group. Our editorial teams across TV, online, and newspapers will collaborate on multiple projects.