Chanapatt “Jeep” Chindasanguan, Managing Director of Verve Public Relations Consultancy, Shares Perspective on Public Relations in the “Now Normal” Era

Chanapatt Chindasanguan
  • “Turning crisis into opportunities” is one of the philosophies Verve, under Wunderman Thompson TH, applies to its communications campaign in the period where everyone has to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The phrase “New Normal” has now become “Now Normal.” This daily lifestyle presents another set of challenges for everyone working in this field.
  • Since Public Relations deals directly with corporate and brand image, brands must be careful in ensuring precision and accuracy.
Chanapatt “Jeep” Chindasanguan, Managing Director of Verve Public Relations Consultancy, said things will not be the same anymore and new things that we can experience will become the new norm in our lives.

Brands must be smart with public relations and creating media campaigns in this era. Brands must understand the needs of consumers and the difficulties they may be facing. A balance must be created because consumers face stressful situations after waking up everyday. Therefore, the content we present must not exacerbate or contribute to their stress.

Moreover, brands must turn crisis into opportunity. When people are under a lot of stress, brands should put out content that is more lighthearted because people need a space to relax and unwind. By doing so, the content will reach consumers easily” said Jeep.

As for his perspective on media, Jeep said people in the public relations industry must pay attention and adapt quickly to the rapid pace with which media platforms are changing.

Social Media in particular arises from global trends. These platforms are also diverse and customized according to the consumers’ interests. For instance, a platform that is centered around fashion will target specific aspects of fashion and small audience groups defined by specific interest. Thus, online media are becoming increasingly segmented, whereas traditional media, i.e., print media and newspapers combine various topics of interest in the same publication.

Nevertheless, mainstream media remains a credible source of information for a lot of people when they need to do a fact-check on certain issues. Therefore, public relations officers should pay attention to all media formats, so that they can choose the medium through which they can effectively convey their message to the target audience. This is because journalists are the voice of the people and have a great influence on public opinions.