Examining the challenges facing online and social media with Noppatjak “Aim” Attanon, WorkpointTODAY Editor-in-Chief

Noppatjak Attanon
  • Major media companies will pay more attention to and invest more in online media in 2022 in order to produce customized content that better suits different platforms.
  • Popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram all have different approaches to the presentation and format . As a result, media people have to design and learn to work in a way that suits the nuances of each platform.
  • The creation of a distinct identity is extremely important for media outlets in times of intense competition because all online media outlets are on the same platforms and tools.

In 2022, major mainstream media outlets will start to invest more and pay more attention to online media. They will clearly follow established online-media principles. Instead of just publishing newspaper articles on websites or Facebook pages, they will start using online platforms more seriously. More of them will create pages and design branding activities or create content specifically for online media

Noppatjak Attanon, WorkpointTODAY Editor-in-Chief, predicts how online and social media will be used.
Meanwhile, as new online media and social media outlets keep appearing and traditional media outlets are going online in order to survive, 2022 could see a bubble of media people in online, business and economic news circles. Compensations could be inflated as a result of competition for online-news people. This is because it has become evident that online media can survive. In addition, how to generate revenue from online media has become clearer and it could keep media outlets alive at least for another 3–4 years.

Therefore, the optimization of content to suit different platforms and the creation of a distinct identity is critical for media outlets in times of intense competition because all online-media outlets use the same platforms as their tools.

Content broadcast via the YouTube channel of WorkpointTODAY has been adjusted to best highlight the identity of the news team. The channel focuses on topics that really affect people’s life like politics, COVID-19, people’s livelihood, economic situations and developments abroad with in-depth knowledge.

When  WorkpointTODAY’s content is clear and on target, viewers will not choose to watch news based on topics or whether the news is hot. Instead, they will watch because they want to watch WorkpointTODAY and that will help keep the audience watch clips on the WorkpointTODAY channel until the end.

The adaptation of people in the mass media circle is also important. For example, a news reporter might turn into a project manager when an event is to be held. From a business point of view, both the survival and personnel development are good for news reporters due to both a sense of achievement and additional skills.