A Deep Dive into Media and Content Trends with Rawit Hanutsaha, Host of the Mission To The Moon Podcast

As fragmentation in content consumption grows, creators face the challenge of meeting diverse consumer demands. They need to adapt by recognizing preferred media channels, adjusting presentation styles, and producing content tailored to meet specific consumer needs while also maintaining uniqueness and relevance.

Rawit Hanutsaha, Host of the Mission To The Moon Podcast

Therefore, the key is to "experiment" with different content formats to find the program or media's core strengths.

This involves identifying the most effective timing, methods, and platforms for producing, presenting, and publishing content to engage and connect with consumers.

Despite the growing popularity of short-video content, long-form videos still hold considerable significance. Rawit emphasized the uniqueness of each content type.

Every creator has a distinct presenting style and personality that might align better with a specific format. Being adept at crafting long videos does not necessarily translate to skill in short-video creation, and vice versa. However, some creators can excel in both realms. Therefore, it is crucial for content creators to keep exploring.

Generative AI can serve as a helping hand in content creation. Whoever best implements it will gain a competitive advantage.

I believe the AI tools we use most often are ChatGPT and Bard, which help with setting up storylines and scripts,

…Then we’ll see if we like the results. Occasionally, we use them to examine documents and terminology. We also utilize AI-based image editing tools a lot, and there are AI applications like Pictory that can speed up video-editing without the need of a human editor.” Rawit said.

Rawit Hanutsaha, Host of the Mission To The Moon Podcast

As a Public Figure Influencer of 2023 from the Thailand Influencer Awards 2023, Rawit believes that the Thai influencer industry will continue to expand. As the market becomes larger, there will be many more newcomers.

Nevertheless, whether as a content creator or influencer, the most crucial thing is to find a clear stance on what sort of influencer you want to be, who your target audience is, and how they listen to you,