Exploring Thailand’s digital TV and fandom spheres in 2024 with Takonkiet "Boy" Viravan, Group CEO of The One Enterprise

I think these days it’s very rare for any media outlet to publish something that can make people across the nation go “Wow!” because the target groups have become very segmented,

Takonkiet "Boy" Viravan, Group CEO of The One Enterprise (ONEE)

He sees this as a great opportunity for The One Enterprise as the company positions itself as a “content creator” that produces content not only for TV but also for other platforms. Although the number of TV viewers has dwindled, people are still watching content. Digital disruption has presented an opportunity for content to be viewed on more diverse platforms.

On the topic of content creation, Takonkiet provides a distinction between “trending” content and “widely viewed”content.

Trending content doesn’t necessarily have a large audience and widely viewed content doesn’t mean it’s trending. These two types of content require different creation approaches.

In addition, Takonkiet underlined the importance of creating specialized content that resonates with your target audience, especially in the era when audiences have become more and more fragmented. 

Making content as the cornerstone, Not relying solely on TV: As advertising spending, which is the main source of revenue for the TV industry, has shrunk considerably and will likely continue to shrink, The One Enterprise group plans to deal with this by not relying on TV and diversifying its business with content as the cornerstone.

Takonkiet insisted that The One Enterprise is not just a TV channel but rather a “content creator” that also operates a TV business. This means the company focuses on creating content that people like and uses the content to generate revenue on various platforms. When people like the content, they often like the actors and celebrities featured in the content, too. This leads to revenue streams from artist management activities, such as concerts, events and fanmeets.

2024 Fandoms: To each their own,

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing them and nothing wrong with knowing them.

Takonkiet said his company leverages the power of fandoms to operate its business. Specifically, teen series produced by GMMTV have seen fans helping to promote their favorite actors on social media, making the series more widely known.