LINE Thailand Executive Lertad Supadhiloke Insists that Social Commerce in Thailand Maintains Strong Momentum, Preparing to Launch Live Commerce Feature in 2023

Thais are among the world’s top spenders and sellers on social media sites, consistent with Wunderman Thompson’s data that show 80% of Thai consumers buy and sell on social media and over 60% conclude their deals on social media.

For this reason, the use of social media for communicating and following movements has expanded more toward the purchase of goods and services.

Particularly after the outbreak of COVID-19, consumers became familiar and turned to buying products with an emphasis on convenience, speed and no contact. As a result, the practice of social commerce has become a mainstay with no signs of slowing down.

When considering the statistical figures, it was found that buying and selling goods on social media in Thailand was the highest in the world. The amount of deals concluded on social media was also the highest in the world.

The latest figures from Wunderman Thompson revealed that over 80% of people buy and sell on social media, and over 60% conclude their sales on social media, or simply put, on LINE. In fact, online trading in Thailand even stemmed from social media,” said Lertad “Tom” Supadhiloke, Director of e-commerce at LINE Company (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Social commerce is more than just a retail channel

In the past, consumers were accustomed to buying and selling products through LINE SHOPPING, but nowadays, the types of goods and services that consumers want to use are becoming more diverse. As a result, social commerce can fill in the requirements and be more than just a retail channel. Therefore, we get to see new forms of service that have come in to meet the needs of life in modern times. Even such things as dog walking services are now available through social media like LINE.

As for the reason for the rise of social media beyond a retail channel, Tom believes that is because social media takes in the aspect of relationships.

Relationships are important. At first glance, social media may seem like it is all about the online world. However, it turns out that consumers seek intimacy. Consumers want more connections with people whom they trust and confide in.

Popular products and services

Mr. Lertad, discussing the most popular products bought and sold on LINE, says fashion and clothing articles rank top. This category is linked to emotions and brands that we follow. These products also change frequently. Second is the health and beauty products category.

Third place will be the lifestyle and travel category, which covers pets and pet-related services. These include not only dog or cat food but various services in the field. If it is lifestyle, then we talk about traveling. Hotels are here to sell vouchers or spa services, selling restaurant vouchers. In the past when we thought of hotels, we only thought of booking a room for the purpose of relaxation. However, in reality, each hotel as a service establishment offers many other services.

The next in line is the mother and child product group. This category of products is considered outstanding on social media, especially on LINE.