Keeping pace with trends across Thailand’s media landscape 2023. Explore the exclusive interviews with academics, executive editors, media executives and PR agency for compelling insight on the movement in the media industry.


Thailand Media Landscape 2022 – 2023

Exploring Thai Media Trends with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vikanda Pornsakulvanich, Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Thammasat University

Rather than having a clear separation between online and offline channels, businesses or organizations must learn how to utilize both in order to provide consumers with the seamless media, work and lifestyle experiences. 

Reasons and vision for doing print-media business in digital era of Rarin Utakapan Punjarungroj, CEO of media giant “Amarin Group”

She shares her views and perspective on media business management, content production, adaptation strategies and the outlook for Thai media from the point of view of a business heiress and a seasoned executive who grew up in the media industry.    

“Money Politics”: The new focus of Post Today under its new managing editor, Yutthana Nuancharat

Under Yutthana’s leadership, what direction will Post Today take after being acquired by Nation Group (Thailand)? The new editor is ready to discuss his stance and his strategy for the content creation and business which had just changed ownership.

OTT TV Business and Service in Thailand Through the Perspective of Kanokporn “Jeab” Prachayaset, WeTV Country Manager for Thailand

“Every service provider now has a clear standing point concerning its marketing. No one dares to say it has everything for everyone anymore. Each platform has begun searching for new content and developing its own content in order to establish a firm foothold for itself.”

LINE Thailand Executive Lertad Supadhiloke Insists that Social Commerce in Thailand Maintains Strong Momentum

Thais are among the world’s top spenders and sellers on social media sites, consistent with Wunderman Thompson’s data that show 80% of Thai consumers buy and sell on social media and over 60% conclude their deals on social media.

In-depth look into Thailand’s influencer market with “ Naphat Rattanathawornkiti, Executive of Buddy Review platform

Although influencer marketing has been around in Thailand for 3-4 years, the influencer market is still in its early stages and has enormous potential for growth.

Exploring PR directions in the digital age with Natanisha "Deedee" Sangkhasap, MD of Solister PR: PR work must be fast-paced; use of influencers will remain popular in 2023

“Doing PR in this day and age requires you to stay up-to-date almost 24/7 on all media channels including print, online and social media.” …