Dataxet expands in asia with Thailand acquisition

Dataxet was launched in 2020 with the vision to create the first Asia-based CommsTech group. In their first 18 months of operation they have become a category leader and fastest growing media intelligence network in the region, providing best-in-class services for over 300 blue-chip enterprise and public sector clients.

David Liu, Founder & CEO of Dataxet, said: “InfoQuest is a great addition to our family of companies and furthers our position as a leading media intelligence service provider. We continue to gain traction and delight customers by combining robust technology platforms with world class talent. The caliber of companies and clients joining our network demonstrates how our disruptive model is adding new value to marketing and communications professionals.”

Jalthong Patamapongs, Founder and Chairman of InfoQuest, said: “We’re excited about joining Dataxet Group and the considerable prospects for future growth. With their technology and people, Dataxet has proven their ability to fully integrate media intelligence data into actionable insights and help clients in Asia to better communicate to their customers and audiences. Given our dominant position in Thailand, we are well placed to expand our offering and deliver new revenue streams.”

Dataxet will also announce their planned expansion into Vietnam early 2022, where they have already identified another best-in-class partner in the market. This will further solidify the leadership position of Dataxet Group in the CommsTech industry in SE Asia.

About Dataxet
Dataxet Pte Ltd is a leading integrated data intelligence holding company operating in Asia. Its branded networks provide best-in-class media monitoring services along with localised research and data analytics expertise to deliver accurate, applicable and actionable data insights.



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