Social Mentions & News Monitoring Dashboard

IQ360 lets you track your mentions across all types of media, including social media, online media and off-line media and lets you see statistics of the distribution of news about your business and trends on social media. The results can also be presented in charts and graphs that are easy to understand.

“IQ360” is a complete news monitoring solution to help you save cost and time.

Information is categorically divided based on media type and presented in a dashboard layout to help grasp the overall picture for news articles in terms of volume and distribution. This improves convenience and saves time in monitoring news across each media platform.

Key Features & Functions


See the big picture with just a glance. Receive hourly updates which are displayed in a DASHBOARD format to help you see the big picture such as the overall number of news in a convenient and efficient manner.


Gain access to an extensive list of major news sources across social media, websites, magazines, and newspapers.


Insightful metrics for analytics. Every news article features marketing and PR metrics such as Potential Reach and PR Value which can be used for analysis in EXCEL format.


Check the details from the original source with the embedded link that directs you to the original article or download the article as a PDF.

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