Examining 2023’s Media Outlook and Landscape in Thailand after COVID-19 Subsides

As the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, it is the perfect opportunity to explore the movements and trends in the Thai media industry. The “Thailand Media Landscape 2022-2023report by dataxet:infoquest has collected pivotal data and compiled exclusive interviews with academics, executive editors, media executives and PR agency executives that will provide statistical information and insights into movements and trends in the media industry, as well as the media’s thoughts on consumers and media platforms.

Based on the collected data, social media was the most popular platform through the height of the pandemic as well as when COVID-19 has subsided. Facebook remained the most popular social media platform among Thai internet users at 93.3%, followed by LINE at 92.7%. Apart from Facebook and LINE, TikTok continued to gain popularity in Thailand with the number of TikTok users in the country rising by 24.8% year-on-year in 2022. 

Due to the widespread use of social media and the popularity of short-form videos, the media, influencers and brands have opted to present their content in this format. A short-form video uses a 9:16 vertical aspect ratio, which is optimized for viewing on virtually all the smartphones available on the market today.

Digital TV and OTT TV thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic because consumers were stuck at home and relied on these media for entertainment, news and information. However, with pandemic subsiding, people are able to leave home and are eager to travel. Digital TV and OTT TV operators are trying to produce content to attract target viewers, but it remains to be seen whether their efforts will bear fruit.

For online media, websites can still survive, but that depends on how the content is produced and presented. If they are able to consistently produce quality content that suits the target groups, they can still generate advertising revenue and potentially attract additional investment in the future.

Although ad spending in print media is weaker compared to other media types, newspapers and magazines are still viable channels that can promote content or products to specific target groups of various campaigns. For example, popular artists are still featured on magazine covers, and high-end international brands still want their content published in magazines.

The latest update on Thailand’s media landscape is available on the InfoQuestNews website.

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The full Thailand Media Landscape report for 2022-2023 in Thai version will be available on our website soon.